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Fostering Urban Dialogue.
Designing Kansas City's Tomorrow.

Fostering Urban Dialogue.
Designing Kansas City's Tomorrow.

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Urban Lab KC is a group dedicated to improving the urban landscape of Kansas City. Through our digital media content, we push for progressive urban design, provide critical analysis, and actively engage with public figures, policy makers, and community stakeholders to influence real-world decisions regarding our neighborhoods and buildings and infrastructure that compose it.  

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We partner with communities and local government agencies to provide top notch design, planning, and capacity-building services.

1. Community Planning

Our planning team helps neighbors define a collective vision about how their community should look and function. We prioritize understanding the historic context of your space and work to build actionable and inspirational documents that will guide the creation of more human-centered places.

2. Mobility Planning

We work with communities on plans that maximize safety for all, economic appeal of the streetscape, and create great, dynamic streets that reflect their respective communities. Depending on community needs, plans may address sidewalks, treescapes, public transportation, crossing opportunities,  and more.

3 . Grant Strategy

In collaboration with you, we identify a vision for your space, produce design options, and deliver design documents that you can use to fundraise or apply for grants.  We help leverage the power of your space to create the engagement needed for effective action.

"The Most Successful Cities Are Those Shaped And Molded By The People Who Inhabit Them”

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