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While the Plaza is a key landmark in our city, work is needed to ensure it continues to be an area where residents can make memories for generations to come. One way this can be achieved is through a pedestrian space which has some objective benefits that we could see realized on the plaza:

Attractive Public Space: Pedestrianization has the power to breathe new life into public spaces, making them more attractive and inviting. Think about the electric atmosphere of events like the Plaza Art Fair or the Plaza Lighting Ceremony. By prioritizing pedestrians, we can create an environment where people gather, connect, and create lasting memories.

Boost to Local Economy: The economic impact of pedestrian spaces cannot be overstated. Take the example of Union Square North in Manhattan, where expanding walking facilities led to a 49% reduction in commercial vacancies, in stark contrast to the 5% borough-wide increase during that same time. Walkable retail areas have the incredible potential to attract people from beyond their immediate surroundings, creating a “place dividend” through a unique local identity. After creation of the space, they repeatedly attract more stores and patronage than their immediate trade area suggests.

Reduced Crime: ‘Eyes on the street’ initiatives, like pedestrian districts, have consistently resulted in significant reductions in crime rates. For example we’ve seen crime in other cities be reduced by as much as 30% for drug-related crimes, 22% for burglaries, and 21% for vandalisms.

Pedestrian Plaza Garage Explanation

No Loss to Existing Garages: Closing Nichols Rd to vehicular traffic doesn’t mean sacrificing convenience. In fact, this move would allow us to reap the benefits of a pedestrian-friendly area while retaining easy access to parking. All garages can remain accessible, ensuring that you can park conveniently near your favorite stores.

Enhanced Social Interaction: A pedestrianized Plaza would become a vibrant hub for social gatherings, events, and community engagement. Studies consistently reveal that such spaces witness a significant rise in public interactions, fostering a stronger sense of community and belonging among residents and visitors alike.

As we explore the prospect of pedestrianizing Country Club Plaza, we’re excited to work on this project with you. Share your thoughts, engage in discussions, and join us in shaping a more vibrant, and livable Kansas City.

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